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Unleaded in Diesel in Suffolk

Every fuel has its tank, and it's meant to be poured only in it. If this weren't the case, fuel tanks would not have been designed with different fuel cap colors. But sometimes, people unintentionally add unleaded fuel to a diesel tank, igniting your vehicle's fuel system. Contact our experienced Auto Fuel Doctor's team to help you fix the problem. Did you know that unleaded causes friction in your fuel system? It is highly damaging to your car, and the fuel contamination annihilates the vehicle.

Have you put Unleaded in Diesel tanks in Suffolk?

We understand that noticing the fuel system goes terrible can be overwhelming. But do not panic as it's not the end of the world. Instead, take your vehicle to a secure location and wait for the engine to cool down as it will be hot. Then, try to remove unleaded fuel from the tank, or call Auto Fuel Doctor to assist immediately.

What Should You Do?

Several damages are awaiting after you put the wrong fuel in your car. If you have not started your engine, the damages are minimal, but they still need to be fixed. Contact Auto Fuel Doctor because our services are professional and we have experience in damaged engines. Give the professionals a call before freaking out, and you will be glad that you contacted us.

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